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Miss America logo 500

Camille Schrier Miss America 2020

The ONLY Sashes Worthy of being THE Miss America Sash

This beautiful white custom competition sash is adorned with three rows of stunning Swarovski crystal rhinestones and embroidered with the Miss America logo.
This Official Miss America Sash is the competition sash of sashes and can only be ordered by Authorized Miss America personnel.


Miss America State Sashes


This is the Official Miss America pageant sash for state competitions. It features a double-row of Swarovski crystal rhinestones on the front and back of the pageant sash with Velcro so it's easy to put on and take off.


Miss America Local Pageant Sashes (2022 now available)


These official Miss America Sashes for local competitions proudly displays the Miss America logo on the upper shoulder. This is awarded to all of the Miss America Local Winners.

Miss America's Outstanding Teen Sash

MAOT National Sash 2020

 Miss America TEEN Logo

This official competition pageant sash is made for the one and only Miss America's Outstanding Teen!!

It's absolutely darling with its sparkling double row border of Swarofski crystal rhinestones. The Miss America's Outstanding Teen pageant sash is a true treasure to cherish forever. 

The national Miss America's Outstanding Teen pageant sash can only be ordered by Authorized Miss America Outstanding Teen personnel.

Outstanding Teen State Sashes


MAOT STATE SASH complete 2021


The Official Pageant Sash of the Miss America Outstanding Teen Program. This sash has the Miss America's Outstanding Teen logo on the shoulder, single row of Swarovski crystal rhinestones down the edge, and state title embroidered to perfection. We only use 100% Japanese Satin to ensure the highest quality pageant sash possible.


Outstanding Teen Local Pageant Sashes (2022 now available)


MAOT Local SASH final complete 2021


This is the official local pageant sash for the Miss America Outstanding Teen Program. This handmade sash has the Miss America Outstanding Teen logo on the upper shoulder with  monogrammed title embroidered down the front of the sash. The sash is made from 100% Japanese Satin to ensure the best quality possible.


Princess Sashes

Princess sashes are just one more wonderful way to introduce girls of all ages to the amazing and rewarding opportunities of service and mentorship that Miss America titleholders participate in.

Our Princess sashes are designed to closely match the official Miss America Brand State and Local sash. These custom sashes match state and local contestants. Great for mentorship programs and fundraising for your competitions.

The gorgeous satin that we use for all our sashes, imported from Japan, helps keep the sashes looking beautiful with the heavy use typical of contestant and titleholder duties. All competition sashes are embroidered with the name of your titleholder or honorary title holder. Every sash is made with the same exacting care and quality of the official Miss America local, state and national sashes.
Let your Princess sashes tell the world who you are!

Princess State & Local Sashes

2020 Princess sash final9690 

Official State & Local Princess competition sashes, titles are embroidered in black, while the year of service on the shoulder is embroidered in gold.             


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